Launched in 2017 with a single goal in mind, the AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub APPTA is putting innovative aging and technology research into the hands of the people who can use it. We know that it takes on average 17 years for research to be translated into action. By bringing together a diverse and dynamic team of young professionals to support an integrated network in research, policy, and innovation, APPTA aims to bridge that gap and mobilize aging and technology research in ways that can improve the lives of older Canadians.

Advancing Policies and Practices in Technology and Aging


Making an impact, breaking the stigma: Alzheimer’s Advocate Jim Mann

AUTHOR(S) & CREDENTIALS:  Jim Mann, Alzheimer’s Advocate and Karolina Jalowska, Digital Media Coordinator at the APPTA hub and AGE-WELL NCE AFFILIATED INSTITUTION(S): AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub: APPTA ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Candice Pollack, Executive Director at the APPTA hub What led you to become an advocate for Alzheimer’s? At the age of 58, I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My […]


Safely Prescribing to Older Adults with Drs. Joanne Ho and Sophiya Benjamin from GeriMedRisk

Drs Joanne Ho and Sophiya Benjamin — Co-Executive Directors of GeriMedRisk, an online consultation platform for healthcare providers to access timely and specialized information that supports their patients’ needs — join the show today to talk about their platform, the way it has been working to promote quality, evidence-based, unbiased information on prescribing for older […]


Usability and adaptability as tools to bridge the Digital Divide with Dr. Meshari Alwashmi

Dr. Meshari Alwashmi is the Chief Scientific Officer at Breathe Suite and he joins the show today to discuss the findings of his recent qualitative study on the potential features of a mobile app as examined in conjunction with healthcare providers and patients. We’re all aging, and everyone’s talking about it! Key Takeaways [:40] Jenna […]

Jenna Roddick

A Review of Housing Challenges Experienced by Older Canadians

Jenna Roddick, Coordinator: Research and Knowledge Translation


APPTA Partners on New Brunswick COVID-19 Research Fund

APPTA is proud to announce our knowledge translation partnership with the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) on the COVID-19 Funding Program.


COVID-19 Measures Enacted by the Governments of Ontario and British Columbia to Protect Older Adult Residents of Long-Term Care Homes

Tessa Weinberg, MB BCh BAO (MD), MSc Candidate, incoming PGY1 Resident Physician in Family Medicine