Collaborative Projects

At APPTA, we recognize that evidence-based policymaking is a collective effort and not done in a vacuum. Our collaborative projects bring together researchers, innovators, subject-matter experts, government decision-makers, and older Canadians to deliver solutions that meet all stakeholders’ needs. Click the links to learn more about our projects.

2023 Elder Abuse Task Force Report

This report was developed through a collaborative effort with stakeholders from eleven organizations active in areas of research, response, and policy related to prevention of abuse of older adults.

The report explores how abuse of older adults is defined, its prevalence, key drivers contributing to the problem, and impacts it has on the lives of older Canadians. It maps out where responsibility lies in Canada for implementing policies to prevent and address abuse of older adults, and it outlines existing strategies and efforts. Finally, it presents an analysis of recommendations made in previous strategies and reports on abuse of older adults, and summarizes them in five overarching goals for future policy in this area.

Policy Innovation Lab

We facilitate collaboration by using a lab approach to solve complex policy challenges. We invite participants with diverse and experienced perspectives to work on building out innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Evidence to Impact

Conducted in partnership with the authors and APPTA, topics in this series align with our policy priorities, allowing the opportunity to highlight how existing research can inform key policy changes.