APPTA releases a variety of publications that serve both researchers and our government stakeholders. Below are short summaries of each publication type. Click on each section to learn more and read the reports.

Evidence Syntheses

These reports offer a comprehensive overview of a specific topic impacting policymakers, healthcare workers, and older adults in Canada.

Research Roundups

This series provides an overview of literature and programming information on select policy topics in short and consumable snapshots, so that readers can quickly access information on what work has been done.

Jurisdictional Scans

These jurisdictional scans look at the different governance structures and supports that exist across Canada, allowing policymakers to compare the work being done within each province.

Jurisdictional Profiles

These profiles offer an in-depth look at how each province or territory structures its healthcare system, what programs and services are offered, and what legal frameworks affect older Canadians.


These infosheets offer snapshots of different topics that affect older Canadians, serving as a quick reference tool.