Our Work

Below are short summaries of all the work that we do. Click on each section to learn more.


Evidence Syntheses

These reports offer a comprehensive overview of a specific topic impacting policymakers, healthcare workers, and older adults in Canada.

Jurisdictional Scans

These jurisdictional scans look at the different governance structures and supports that exist across Canada, allowing policymakers to compare the work being done within each province.

Evidence to Impact

Conducted in partnership with the authors and APPTA, this series aligns with our policy priorities, allowing the opportunity to highlight how existing research can key policy changes.

Research Roundups

This series provides an overview of literature and programming information on select policy topics in short and consumable snapshots, so that readers can quickly access information on what work has been done.

Provincial Profiles

These profiles offer an in-depth look at how each province structures its healthcare system, what programs and services are offered, and what legal frameworks affect older Canadians.


These infosheets offer snapshots of different topics that affect older Canadians, serving as a quick reference tool.


Policy Challenge

A unique education opportunity for AGE-WELL trainees to work closely with policy experts and learn first-hand how research ideas become policy options for implementation at provincial, territorial, and national levels.

Policy Rounds Series

A recurring presentation series intended for policymakers, where experts discuss a particular topic and how their findings can inform policymaking. Presentation slides and video recordings are available for download.

PEP Talks Program

PEP Talks is an interactive, e-learning series for researchers and policymakers to enhance their knowledge translation skills. This program is comprised of 3 webinars targeting specific KT skills.


Policy Innovation Lab

We facilitate collaboration by using a lab approach to solve complex policy challenges. We invite participants with diverse and experienced perspectives to work on building out innovative solutions.

Communities of Practice

This program brings together people with common interest so that they can learn from each other’s experiences and develop collaborative solutions. These communities are stakeholder-driven—the topics, participants, and outcomes are determined based on the needs of network members.

Internship Program

APPTA’s Internship is an exclusive program for undergraduate students in New Brunswick to begin developing the skills they need to pursue a career in health policy. Through accessing APPTA’s professional network, our interns gain a competitive advantage.


MileAGE Podcast

The MileAGE podcast is a platform for APPTA to talk to researchers across the country doing amazing work in the aging sector. We talk about their work in a broader way and discuss the real life impact research can have for older adults.

Video Recordings

All video recordings of our presentations and policy rounds series can be found here.

Idea Blog

A collection of third-party articles and posts that relate to initiatives, research, people, and innovations that serve older Canadians.