Our Strategy

Our values shape us as an organization and help us address our strategic priorities when serving researchers, policymakers, and older adults.

Annual Reports

Our Values

A partnership between AGE-WELL, Canada’s aging & technology network, and Research New Brunswick (ResearchNB), APPTA supports governments in generating opportunities to address the policy and practice challenges of an aging population. APPTA’s three core values guide how we structure our organization.

We believe in


At APPTA, we help governments develop better, evidence-informed policy solutions for Canada’s aging population. Working with researchers, innovators, and policymakers across the country, APPTA makes the innovation pipeline more efficient by translating quality research into actionable government policy options.           

We believe in


For us, knowledge sharing is crucial to breaking out of silos to improve the quality of life of older adults across Canada. We take a connectivity approach to complex challenges, bringing people together from across the country to share their best ideas and work collectively on effective policy solutions.

We believe in


APPTA has a suite of policy education programs designed to build the skills needed to bring great ideas into the real world. We work with undergraduate and post-graduate students through internships, national challenges, and professional development programs to foster their ability to enrich the policymaking process with strong evidence-informed decision-making.

APPTA’s Framework

Below you will see how our efforts, combined with the inputs and participation of researchers and policymakers, lead to our objectives.

Our Strategic Priorities

We form our strategic priorities by engaging with policymakers, older adults, and our research community. Through our policy prioritization process, we selected the following five priorities to explore, addressing ongoing research and connecting the evidence to the policy context.