Zoomers for All, Peer-Led Exercise Programs to Generate Sustainability


Today’s guest is Dr. Danielle Bouchard, Associate Professor at the University of New Brunswick in the department of Kinesiology. Dr. Bouchard joins the show to discuss the Zoomers for All project, for which she serves as Co-Principal Investigator.

We’re all aging, and everyone’s talking about it!

Key Takeaways

[:40] Jenna welcomes today’s guest Dr. Danielle Bouchard, and asks her to share the initial motivation for the Zoomers for All project.

[3:20] How is the exercise program controlled? Dr. Bouchard speaks to the protocol they put in place for this project.

[4:08] Barriers to exercise programs are numerous, Dr. Bouchard shares some of the key enablers of this program that aim at palliating those barriers. She also shares some of the effects of COVID-19 on the program.

[6:29] About 1,200 people were seen through since the beginning of the program, but on average, about 600 to 800 people are present for each term.

[7:28] Dr. Bouchard dives into the peer-led initiative aspect of this program and what is required to train the people who will lead the exercises. She also talks about how this initiative is in line with the Trauma NB mission.

[14:25] Dr. Bouchard talks about the numerous partners and stakeholders that help this project move along.

[17:28] Future plans for Zoomers for All. Dr. Bouchard expounds on the streamlining process the team is working on in this last year of funding.

[20:34] The biggest factor in reducing falls is exercise, but it has to be the right exercise. Dr. Bouchard talks about the marketing the program uses and why.

[23:50] Medicare information is collected in order to gather long-term data, Dr. Bouchard talks about the longitudinal effects they’ve seen even in the first four years of running the program.

[26:37] Jenna thanks Dr. Bouchard for coming on the podcast. Until next time, subscribe, rate, and share!

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