Policy Innovation Lab

At APPTA, we understand the impact collective thinking and collaboration can have in solving complex challenges. We aim to do this using a lab approach on different policy-oriented topics. Our policy labs work by:

  • Bringing together participants with diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Leveraging evidence to support the process
  • Exploring the challenges associated with the issue topic
  • Collaborating on building out solutions

Each lab focuses around four phases:

To date, we have run two policy innovation labs:

1. How might we enhance the innovation ecosystem to adoption and scale of health technologies that support health aging in New Brunswick (March 2021)

Enhancing Adoption & Scale of Technologies to Support Healthy Aging in New Brunswick

Technology Adoption across Canada: The Ecosystem, Barriers, and Successes

New Brunswick’s Innovation Actors: a System Map

New Brunswick’s AgeTech Innovation Environment: An overview of the policy landscape, challenges and opportunities

2. How might we enhance home supports that enable healthy aging for Canadians (October 2019)

Exploring the Opportunities for Home Support: Lab Report

A Review of Housing Challenges Experienced by Older Canadians

A Review of Challenges to the Provision of Home Care and Home Support Services across Canada