Emily Kerry

Emily Kerry

Emily is a social worker and research assistant with the APPTA Hub. She is a recent social work grad who has focused primarily on the clinical side of the professional spectrum until a relocation from Edmonton brought her back to her home town of Fredericton. Emily has returned to New Brunswick with the hopes of giving her dogs the backyard of their dreams, and a desire to take a more policy-oriented approach to her practice. She would be remiss if she didn’t add ‘no longer having to explain the difference between New Brunswick and Newfoundland’ to her list of hopes and desires. Currently, Emily’s main focus at APPTA is designing and launching a knowledge exchange online portal, as well as providing support to the rest of the team with ongoing educational and policy-related projects. 

A passion for social equity led Emily to become a co-creator and co-curriculum planner of a social work therapeutic group aimed at increasing application form literacy of older adults and differently-abled individuals. This group is set to become available to patients of a Primary Care Network clinic in Edmonton, Alberta in 2019. Her hope is to return to Alberta once the group has begun and become a guest-facilitator.

Outside of the Hub, Emily can be found exploring New Brunswick’s forests with her pack or exploring new menus in the kitchen – chances are good you can hear her laughing during both.

Quick info:

  • Education: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), University of New Brunswick & Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), University of Calgary
  • Certifications: Registered Social Worker (RSW)
  • Recommended Podcasts:
    • Society & Culture: Freakonomics Radio (Stephen J. Dubner)
    • Canadian: Someone Knows Something (David Ridgen); Uncover (season 1: Josh Bloch season 1; season 2: Ian Hanomansing & Johanna Wagstaffe; season 3: Justin Ling)
    • French: Distorsion (Emile Gauthier & Sébastien Lévesque) 
  • Contact: ekerry@appta.ca