The Enhanced Community Pathway


Jenna welcomes Karine Levesque, Co-lead of the Enhanced Community Pathway program, currently in its pilot phase. They discuss the importance of offering a comprehensive and centralized health and social development proposition for frail seniors in crisis. 

We’re all aging, and everyone’s talking about it! 

Key Takeaways 

[:41] Jenna welcomes Karine Levesque to talk about her project and the inspiration for it, but first, she asks her to define Enhanced Community Pathway. 

[2:53] Karine talks about the combined health and social system approach her project takes with the participation of the Extra-Mural nurse and social worker to visit a client at home. 

[4:31] With a system that is difficult to navigate, in-crisis frail seniors are particularly at risk. 

[6:13] The objective of this project is to propose a preventative approach that bridges the gap between health and social development. 

[6:44] Capturing the right patient at the right time. Karine describes an at-risk patient. 

[8:35] Reaching the right patients is a multi-faceted approach, Karine explains the different partners involved in making the information public. 

[9:48] The pilot has begun in Zone 1 (Moncton) and is hoping to gather about 100 participants. 

[10:31] Karine touches on the key elements they’re hoping to accomplish with the program. 

[11:55] Sustainability is a goal, Karine explains how this might be accomplished. 

[12:25] Jenna thanks Karine Levesque for coming on the podcast to talk about this pilot phase of the Enhanced Community Pathway program, and signs off until the next episode. Thank you to all listeners! 

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More about our guest 

Karine Levesque is a Registered Social Worker working as a Health Consultant for the Home Care Branch of the Department of Health. She has an extensive career in Community and Home Care settings as a former Extra-Mural Social Worker for over 22 years. She joined the Department of Health in Fredericton in August 2021 and is the primary Lead to the Enhanced Community Project, funded through the Healthy Seniors’ Pilot Project, which has recently launched in Zone 1 of the province and is ongoing until the end of March 2024. 

Project Team members: 

Karine Levesque ** 

Health Consultant, DH — Conseillère en soins de santé, MS 

Co-lead — Co-responsable 

Dawn-Marie Buck 

Director EMP Operations South — Directrices des Opérations PEM Sud 

Subject Matter Expert (SME) — EMP Liaisons — Expert liaisons PEM 

Marise Auffrey ** 

Director EMP Operations East — Directrices des Opérations PEM Est 

Director of EMP implementation area — Directrice PEM zone implantation 

Janet Fogarty 

RN EMP Driscoll Unit — II Unité Driscoll 

CCC representative — Représante CCS 

France Robichaud 

EMP Clinical Coordinator East — Coordonnatrice Clinique PEM 

Implementation South East — Implementation Sud-Est 

Vicki MacGarvie-Gopal 

EMP Project Evaluation Coordinator — Coordonnatrice d’évaluation de projets PEM 

Project monitoring South East — Surveillance du projet Sud-Est 

Annie Rickett ** 

Manager for Long Term Care and Adult Protection — Gestionnaire des Soins de longue durée et de protection aux adultes 

Subject Matter Expert DSD, Central Office — Expert DS, Bureau Central 

Garra Mitton 

Supervisor SD — Surveillante DS 

Subject Mater Expert SD — Expert DS 

Patricia O’Dell 

Supervisor SD — Surveillante DS 

Subject Matter Expert SD — Expert DS 

John Eatmon 

Program Manager, SD — Gestionnaire de programme DS 

Subject Mater Expert SD — Expert DS 

Anne Arseneault ** 

Health Consultant, DH — Conseillère en soins de santé, MS 

Project management support — Soutien gestion de projet 

Rawia Mokhtar 

Project Manager, DH — Gestion de projet, MS 

Project management support — Soutien gestion de projet 

Tweetables (edited) 

“When frail seniors are dealing with a social problem or a health condition that is going sour, they are often driven to go to the emergency department just to get access to care or support.” 

“We need to realign how we can care for people in community.” 

“As individuals, we each react and deal differently with a crisis.”