Stroke Navigation: How People Come Home After a Stroke With Beverly Kemp


In today’s episode, Jenna welcomes Beverly Kemp — Senior Manager, Health Promotion at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick — to discuss an exciting project called Stroke Navigation, part of the Healthy Seniors Pilot Project.

We’re all aging, and everyone’s talking about it!

Key Takeaways

[:40] Jenna welcomes today’s guest Beverly Kemp and asks her where the inspiration for stroke navigation came from and how the program emerged.

[2:25] The New Brunswick Integrated Stroke Strategy is an effort born of collaboration. Beverly touches on the five pillars and some of the 25 calls to action that the strategy outlined as well as the improvements the last 15 years have generated and the current aspects that still require some work.

[4:07] Beverly speaks to the 70% of people reintegrating into communities after a stroke with some measure of impairment, she talks about the types of impacts these people may face.

[8:53] The program is run through a three-pillar approach, Beverly explains what a typical client/patient journey might look like and where it starts.

[11:24] The resources included in this program were built along best practices as well as a strong community engagement with people who have been living with stroke and its effects for many years.

[12:44] TIA’s are often referred to as mini-strokes; does the program include those and in what capacity? Beverly touches on another program available to stroke and TIA patients: Live Well | Bien Vivre.

[14:30] Beverly discusses the many stakeholders that Stroke Navigation works with as well as how these collaborations share and centralize resources.

[17:10] The program in its pilot stage is a no-charge service, Beverly shares her expectations for the future in terms of accessibility and the overall project.

[19:45] Jenna thanks Beverly for coming on the podcast. Until next time, subscribe, rate, and share!

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Beverly Kemp is Senior Manager, Health Promotion at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick. She has a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa and a master’s degree in Public Health from Brock University. In her current role, Beverly is responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a variety of Health Promotion projects related to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick’s mission to promote health, save lives, and enhance recovery.