Moving People Safely With Jayiesh Singh


CEO and Founder of Able Innovations Jayiesh Singh joins the show to talk about the current state of lateral transfers and how their disruptive device promises to change the landscape of the standard of care.

We’re all aging, and everyone’s talking about it!

Key Takeaways

[:40] Jenna welcomes Jayiesh “Jay” Singh to the podcasts and asks him to share the story of how he came to be interested in doing “tech for good” and founding Able Innovations.

[4:40] Jay breaks down the specific issues and dynamics he saw at play in the healthcare system where there was room for improvement, starting with the “sack of potatoes” issue.

[7:06] The issue of safety comes up often in the implementation of automated tasks in healthcare, Jay shares how he addresses these concerns through research.

[10:57] The Able Innovations device brings the standard number of required personnel down drastically, Jayiesh explains how policies may differ but the task is now made effortless.

[13:06] Lateral transfers are a high-risk task and this device offers caretakers, patients, and family members peace of mind, but more than that, it could revolutionize home care.

[15:17] Jay touches on the other modalities this technology is moving toward and how far and wide the implications of it really reach.

[16:35] Jay talks about how COVID-19 has shocked the system and the opportunities that this disruption created.

[18:36] Nurses and PSW workers are second only to construction in terms of types of workplace injury. Jay shares the shocking amount of weight a nurse moves every day.

[19:46] Jay shares his hopes for the future of the ALTA platform.

[21:40] Jenna thanks Jayiesh Singh for coming on the podcast. Until next time, subscribe, rate, and share!

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