Episode 1: The APPTA Hub

In this episode, we give the audience a quick overview of who we are and the work that we do. The AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub APPTA has been around since May 2017 and continues to grow!

As part of our knowledge translation mandate, we created this podcast to feature researchers across the country and highlight their work in a broader way.

SHOW NOTES – Introducing the MileAGE Podcast


Today’s episode is guest hosted by Patricia Seaman — Senior Manager Event Planning, Communications and Public Engagement at the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) — she welcomes, from the APPTA Hub: Candice Pollack, Executive Director, Emily Kerry, Research Assistant, Jenna Roddick, Coordinator of Research and Knowledge Translation at APPTA Hub and Dr. Emily A. Read.

We’re all aging and everyone’s talking about it!

Key Takeaways

[:38] APPTA stands for Advancing Policy and Practices for Technology and Aging; we explain what its mission is and a bit about how and why it began.

[2:48] Patricia asks what everyone around the table does at APPTA Hub: Jenna Roddick, Candice Pollack, Emily Kerry, and Dr. Emily Read.

[7:17] We take turn highlighting what APPTA has accomplished since its launch in 2017.

[11:07] Patricia invites us to explain what exactly knowledge translation means.

[13:44] Innovation, Connection, and Progression — we explain how these help us fulfill our mandate as well as the programs and initiatives that have been set up.

[16:28] Everyone shares their vision for the APPTA Hub’s future.

[22:03] Patricia Seaman thanks her guests and invites listeners to tune in for future episodes of the MileAGE podcast.

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