AGE-WELL & APPTA policy Rounds – Preventing Caregiver Stress and Burn Out: CareLink Advantage Can Help!

Speaker: Gord Turner, Vice President of Sales and Operations for CareLink Advantage and Helpline Description:  Caregiving is hard.  And most caregivers have no background or training prior to being thrust into the role.  Educating family about their loved ones condition and attending support group talks certainly help…but it does not change the enormity of their […]

Policy Rounds – Active Aging: Empowering Older Adults with Interactive Technologies for Improved Balance and Aging-in-Place

Speaker: Mark Evin, Co-Founder and CEO, Jintronix Description:  Falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians, with 20-30% seniors experiencing one or more falls each year. There are many causes of falls, but the most significant cause is due to poor strength and balance. Exercise protocols have been shown to reduce falls significantly, […]