Policy Round Webinar – A digital health tool for integrated care: interRAI Check Up Self-report

Speaker: Dr. Melissa Northwood, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University Description: Older adults and caregivers face challenges with fragmentation in the health and social care systems. Digital health tools can provide older adults and care providers with information, thus improving communication and care delivery. The interRAI Check Up is a […]

Policy Round Series – Applying Rehabilitation Strategies to Population Health: Use of Technology to Support Self-Managment & Prevention

Description: As people age and chronic conditions become more common, rehabilitation strategies can be used to support function and mobility, both to encourage self-management and prevent functional decline. Challenges associated with knowledge translation and health human resources in rehabilitation can create barriers to apply such strategies within existing health service systems. Technological innovations, such as […]

Policy Rounds Webinar – Is innovation in the details: What have we learned from the Band-Frail Project

Speaker: Dr. Martin Sénéchal, Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of New Brunswick Description: The Band-Frail program incorporates exercise and education components for older adults living with both frailty and type 2 diabetes. We expect our participants will have improved physical function as well as glycemic (blood sugar) control following the program. In addition, we […]

Policy Rounds Series – Concordance of Frailty among Community-Dwelling Older Couples: An Administrative Health Data Study

Speaker: Dr. Sandra Magalhaes, Research Associate, New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training (NB-IRDT), University of New Brunswick Description: Frailty is a negative outcome associated with aging. For older couples, the presence of frailty in one partner increases the risk of frailty in the other, which has important implications for supporting community-dwelling older couples […]

AGE-WELL & APPTA Policy Rounds – Pain in Long-Term Care Settings: Applications of mHealth Technology and Policy Implications

Speaker: Vivian Tran, AGE-WELL HQP, Ph.D. Student, Department of Psychology, University of Regina Description: Although mHealth technologies are widely accessible, there is limited uptake in healthcare settings. Preventable health conditions, such as pain, have long-term implications at the individual, system, and economic levels. The presentation will focus on new mHealth technology, such as the PACSLAC-II […]

AGE-WELL & APPTA policy Rounds – Preventing Caregiver Stress and Burn Out: CareLink Advantage Can Help!

Speaker: Gord Turner, Vice President of Sales and Operations for CareLink Advantage and Helpline Description:  Caregiving is hard.  And most caregivers have no background or training prior to being thrust into the role.  Educating family about their loved ones condition and attending support group talks certainly help…but it does not change the enormity of their […]

Policy Rounds – Active Aging: Empowering Older Adults with Interactive Technologies for Improved Balance and Aging-in-Place

Speaker: Mark Evin, Co-Founder and CEO, Jintronix Description:  Falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians, with 20-30% seniors experiencing one or more falls each year. There are many causes of falls, but the most significant cause is due to poor strength and balance. Exercise protocols have been shown to reduce falls significantly, […]

APPTA Policy Rounds – Bridging the Digital Divide for Older Adults

Speaker: Dr. Milena Head, Professor of Information Systems - DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University; Wayne C. Fox Chair in Business Innovation; Director - McMaster Digital Transformation Research Centre; Academic Director - EMBA Program Description:  As information and communication technologies become increasingly pervasive, those that are left behind in their access and use are highly disadvantaged.  The […]

AGE-WELL & APPTA policy Rounds Title: Context-Aware Sensing for Aging-in-Place

Speaker: Dr. Qiyin Fang, Canada Research Chair in Biophotonics and a Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics, McMaster University Description:  Using telemedical technologies for remote monitoring of patients is an active area for aging-in-place applications, which will lead to improved care and prevent unnecessary use of unplanned resource intensive services.  While many data can […]

APPTA policy Rounds: Community-Led Digital Literacy Training for Older Adults

Speaker: Dr. Brian Detlor, Professor & Area Chair (Information Systems), DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University Date: July 26, 2023 at 1:00-1:30 pm ET Description:  Despite the growing predominance of older adults in Canadian society, as a group, older adults are still less likely to make use of digital devices. Older adults’ limited use of […]