Norma Chinho

Norma is the Policy and Knowledge Translation Program Coordinator for the APPTA Hub. She facilitates and supports knowledge exchange between research and policy stakeholders through the development and improvement of knowledge translation skills and capacities. She coordinates the planning and implementation of research activities and procedures, ensuring the development of quality evidence-informed policies and procedures to support products or practices.

Norma completed a Master in Applied Health Services Research degree from the University of New Brunswick. For her thesis project, she completed a qualitative research study on the home support services older adults are receiving in New Brunswick. This project was inspired by a keen interest and understanding that older adults who are aging in their communities need supports that allow them to live independently for as long as possible. Her initial work with seniors has grown over time from this project to encompass work involving technology and how it is a tool that will greatly assist older adults live independently and safely for longer in their own communities. Norma understands the need for research findings and policy to converge to produce results that greatly benefit end users.

Away from work when indoors Norma likes to knit and crochet! If she is not indoors, she may be found outdoors taking nature photographs and long walks. She loves to travel and has a long travel bucket list. She can be found on Twitter @tham_san06

Quick Info:

  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in French and Philosophy from the University of Zimbabwe, and a Master in Applied Health Services Research degree from the University of New Brunswick
  • Recommended Reads and Podcasts:
    Memoirs: Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
    Becoming by Michelle Obama
    Podcast: The Way I Heard It: True Tales for the Curious Mind with a Short Attention
    Span by Mike Rowe
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