APPTA’s Internship is an exclusive program for undergraduate students in New Brunswick to begin developing the skills they need to pursue a career in health policy. Over the course of a school year, APPTA interns complete a literature review, conduct a jurisdictional scan, write a policy brief, and prepare a presentation to government policymakers on their policy research question. Our objective is to provide experiential learning opportunities to students who are interested in aging policy that help prepare them for the start of their career. We also want to give them a competitive advantage—by providing them with access to the APPTA network, our interns are forming policy-research partnerships before the end of their undergraduate studies.

“This internship has been a unique opportunity to explore research that has the power to initiate change. I was able to select a topic that peaked my interest and had the opportunity to be a hands-on member of my internship experience. Throughout my internship, I have been able to gain skills and experience that benefit a variety of future career paths. Along with developing research skills, I was able to strengthen valuable communication and professional skills. This internship was an incredible way to explore health research and gain experience, all with the flexibility to complete while finishing my degree”.

– Chloe Jardine