APPTA hosted its first ever Policy Innovation Lab

APPTA hosted its first ever Policy Innovation Lab in early October. Modeled off of the social innovation lab approach, APPTA’s Policy Innovation Lab aimed to disrupt the “business as usual” problem-solving methods by exploring new processes for developing public policy solutions that enhance the lives of older adults. The objective of the Policy Innovation Lab was to address a complex challenge through a co-creation approach that is supported by the expertise of diverse groups who have a stake in the issue.

The challenge question for our first Policy Innovation Lab participants was, “how can increased investment in home support be leveraged to enhance older adults’ ability to age well in their communities?

The APPTA team would like to thank all participants for a successful and constructive lab. Participants identified several key unmet needs surrounding our challenge question, and co-created prototypes to address some of the gaps identified in this process. These solution prototypes will continue to be developed over the coming months. For those interested, a report of the lab findings is currently being developed and will be made available on our website in January 2020.